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22nd September 2007
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No patience
23rd november 2007
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16th October 2007


Problems with my PC.

I had a problem recently with my computer,

A complete lack of E.mail

For days I received not a Single Syllable nor a Pentamic Plural. in deep frustration I run Virus Validators, Trojan Trackers, Worm Weeders and Cookie Checkers.


I Replaced my RAM, Flushed My Floppy, Harassed my Hard Drive and Prodded My Processor.

Only then did the truth dawn.

The Postal workers were out on strike ! 

Imagine how silly I felt.

Me, the Temporial Technocrat, the Dual Layer Diskmaster, the Surfer of the Virtual Byways.

Embarrasment however soon gave way to anger.

How dare a bunch of Petulant Posties deprive me of my communative cavorting.

I sat down and composed a verbose and very angry letter to the Postmaster General.

Such is the base level of public service these days, it has been a week since I posted my complaint and I still have not received a letter of reply.

Meanwhile the postal staff are still on strike....


 I may have to write to the Queen




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