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22nd September 2007
2nd March 2008
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28th September 2007
No patience
23rd november 2007
1st January 2008
No patience



No patience 


 I had to go to hospital  

Not that any choice I had  

The thought of medical surgery  

It made me very sad 


So thus I went with sullen face  

A deep and fractious frown  

My demeanour not enlightened  

As I donned a full length gown 


The nursing staff, they greet me  

From every one a smile  

I return their looks most darkly  

Whilst muttering all the while 


I went down to the theatre  

At a time that was pre planned 

 Let’s start said I, the surgeon  

With my scalpel in my hand   


Information on No Patience

This Ryhme was penned, along with outline structures for a few others, between the times of 02:30 and 05:30 (about an hour before we were awoken for breakfast).

The pedal bins, Oh the pedal bins, has the NHS never  heard of Plastic or polypropolene bins? It was like being in the title scene of a J Arthur Rank movie. 

But still, shouldn't complain, it got the inspiration working......

Perhaps my next book should be

"National Health Service, the Poet's Revenge" 


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