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22nd September 2007
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28th September 2007
No patience
23rd november 2007
1st January 2008
23rd november 2007


Poor old Versery's been poorly.

I had to go into Hospital for a minor but uncomfortable operation

Although no hospital treatment is to be recomended I would like to thank the staff at Broomfied Hospital Essex for, if not a pleasurable stay, at least a safe and  caring one.

All staff from the Cleaners to the Surgeons showed infinite care and patients (ha ha)  despite the environment in which they work.

 After all I only get stitched up Nounagain by the NHS where as they do everyday.

The only minor complaints I have, are that when I asked the Doctor, since I was in here could I have a face lift. His reply was that they couldn't get a large enough crane into the hospital grounds.  Also the hospital radio, they would insist on playing: The first cut is the deepest, Don't fear the Reaper and that old perennial,  tie a yellow bandage round the old bloke's knee.

 Seriously though, l would like to dedicate the poem No Patience to all the staff and support workers at Broomfield with my heartfelt thanks. .... I hope not to see you all again soon.


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