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22nd September 2007
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1st January 2008


Happy New Year Everybody

Well what a year that was, still I'll be sorry to see it go.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger or so they say. I wonder if that's true of hangovers. I suspect that there will be countless  stronger people around  on this the first day of the new year if last night was anything to go by.

Instead of the normal mixing it with the hoi polloi, this year we went to a masked ball  complete with posh nosh and champagne don't you know. We were with friends and in very good company. The evening was a complete success. 

new year bash

You could tell by the screams of what I assume to be pure joy when we all removed our masks at the stroke of midnight.

It's funny though that nobody stayed very long after that


Have a wonderful new year one and all



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