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 The Final Frontier




It is a constant cause of wonder to me (boredom and monotony to my family and friends)  the way everything in the cosmos is linked in so many ways. The deeper you look the more symbiotic the cosmos becomes.  Even in our enlightened state modern man, whilst unlocking the mysteries around him, is still so totally complacent of the sheer fragility of the continued existance of our so called intelligent lifeforce. I am the last person that could be called  environmentally friendly. I cannot stress enough though that we exist because of a series of accidents that occurred despite unbelievable odds against it, over an even more unbelievable time scale. 

 We still look up at the stars and say, that's pretty....gonna be a frost tomorrow.

Still, rant over. enjoy the ditty


PS. this synopsis was written on 100% recycled atoms.








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