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The final Frontier


The cosmos is so very great

Its size no one can estimate

The speed of light is very fast

They say it cannot be surpassed

Stars are born and stars will die

Not just a twinkling in the eye

Where matter cannot fill the space

Then anti matter takes its place

Space is curved or so they say

When quantum rules come into play

Black holes devour, not too surprising

All things that cross the event horizon

Our home, our planet, an atom’s size

By comparison to the cosmic skies

The planet earth so round and blue

Serves as home to me and you

 Of gravity or so they say

Without it we’d just float away

Magnetic poles help us avoid

Destruction from an asteroid

Our atmosphere, that bluish haze

Protects the earth from gamma rays

Cleaning air, sways in the breeze

Be ever grateful to the trees


As weather systems roam the globe

Charged particles cause the lightening strobe

Great seas and oceans drive the storm

They themselves slaves to the moon


Providing all with lifeblood water

Life worships at the ecological alter

Is all then doomed, this cosmological plan

Destroyed by a virus, known as man



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