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The Author

The Author

Tony Hibberd was born in the east end of London(presumably to be close to his Mother). 

Now rapidly approaching his mid fifties but still alive and kicking  (as far as he can tell). Having now the benefit of his extended family currently raising families of their own (eight Grandchildren and counting), he thought it was about time he got around to sharing his thoughts and musings with the world....Sorry world.

With the help of his Wife and encouragement from long suffering friends and family he realised his first publication of light verse. (Life Could be Verse).

Tony finds it very difficult to take life in general too seriously so if you are looking for melancholic poetry, you are going to be soooo disappointed. He has however a per chant for the most appalling jokes and puns. These characteristics coupled with a truly offbeat observational view of life means he is less of a Keats, Byron or Shaw and more of a Jack Dee crossed with Pam Ayres.

The Versery Ryme Mask ?

Tony is adamant that when he hits the big time as an international author, the last thing he wants, is to be mobbed by thousands of adoring and desperate fans clamouring for his autograph each time he takes his stretched limo down to Tesco’s for the weekly shop. Therefore the mask is there to protect his anonymity.  

The future

Tony Has four books of light verse in the pipeline and a book of short (and hopefully) funny stories. he says that although he might have to turn down the OBE when its offered but he would be willing to accept the Nobel prize for literature and a honorary seat at Oxbridge.

Watch this space

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