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22nd September 2007
2nd March 2008
16th October 2007
28th September 2007
No patience
23rd november 2007
1st January 2008
Versery's Diary


Dear Diary

This is it. I have decided to keep a journal 

Its not so much  for my many millions of fans out there but mainly because I find it difficult remembering what happened a few hours ago that alone days.

I was going to see the Doctor about my memory problems, but I keep forgetting to  book an appointment . Boom Boom

Talking about doctors, I was contemplating a career as a medical man but was advised against it as I have always lacked patience Boom er er er fingy.

Anyway Back to the journal. if you would like to view my  scribblings please feel free to click on the relevant dates below.

This diary will be updated as and when, so please return Nounagain to check it out

Best regards

Versery Rhyme


 Northern Rock 22/09/07

 New Arrival 28/09/07

Postal Strike 16/10/07

Hospital Visit 23/11/07

New Year 01/01/08 

IEA Day 02/03/08


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