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International Environmental Awareness Day

I heard on the radio this morning that today is International Environmental Awareness Day. A very sane and convincing Eco pusher suggested that we take a  short time to consider what we are doing to our planet and think of any solutions  that may help. Squirrel Nutcake also enthused that today was the day that we should embrace nature.

Always happy to help

Unfortunately, I managed to choose a tree that was going for the oosing sap most like Superglue competition.

Still there is a plus side, I have had a while to consider some Eco solutions. Like, they say the Polar ice caps are liable to melt over the next fifty years.  So if everyone started to freeze half a dozen ice cubes each week, in fifty years we should have enough to replace the caps...problem solved.

There is however a down side to this, (such is the delicate balance of nature). if we are filling our fridges with ice cubes, then there is no point in saving the whales. After all with the fridges full, where the hell would we store them. We could stick them in books, like the time I collected stamps, but the paper required to manufacture such enormous tomes would surely strip the forests.....


I wonder how much longer before the Fire Brigade gets here ?



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