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Oh Come on All Ye Faithful

(You can even use the original tue)

While shepherds wash their socks by night

Or so the children sing

No mention then of three wise kings

Dressed head to foot in bling

Sad Mary’s cruelly turned away

To sleep on hay and turf

But Joseph has been taken in

He believes the virgin birth

A celestial star to lead the way

A miracle in the skies

The very first sat nat-ivity

Catches Tom Tom by surprise

King Herod sits at home and sulks

His cunning plan undone

He should have chose another cause

Than the Save the Children fund

The angel of the lord came down

Intent on heavenly fun

Put the fear of Christ into shepherds

Made their sheepish girlfriends run

This silent and most holy night

Is remembered by us all

A time for joy, a time for mirth

However it’s recalled


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