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Details on Life could be Verse.

ISBN No. 978-0-9557846-0-6

Life could be verse is the first book of light verse from the  pen/wordprocessor of Tony Hibberd.

This being the first in a proposed series of three books to be launched over the following year or so.

The 140 page A5 sized book contains light and witty verse with the following titles.

Wothless Wordsmith                   Vintage model

Bavarian Beauty                         Easy Travel

Peace and Quiet                         Metric Mayhem

London Winter Wonderland          The Hit

Carrol's Dream                           The Sage

Literary Lightweight                   The Phantom of the Opera

The Garden Party                       Me Myself I

A Stranger Comes Calling             Indecision

Menopause                               Man of Power

DIY                                         Remember Me

The Death of Football                 Macbeth

The Myth of Recycling                Failure

Tiger                                       Mind Control

Two Friends                             A Hole lot of Trouble

Life Could be Verse                    The Great Fire

Way to Go                                All Quiet

Hidden Love                             Time

A Penitent Man                         Foreigner

Digitally Damaged                     Night Must Come

Digitally Damaged Too               The Day After

A Happy Thought to Start the Day

Sun Arise No More                    Hail Caesar 

Tell Me Lies                              Hamlet Revisited

Inevitable                                A Family Tree

Spare a Thought                      Hamlet

Nursery Rhyme                        Desert Island Risks

Dogs of War                            The Meeting

Dead End                                                              Solitude

Trust Me                                Wyrd or What

The Highwayman                      Dream On

                  Plus a Bonus Poem 

        All for Just £7.99 + £2.00 P&P



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